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                               2014 MDC Annual Report Final


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A message from our Executive Director:  

2014 was another year of growth at the May Dugan Center.  As I reflect on the many activities that took place, I am particularly proud of the three year expanded accreditation awarded by CARF International (Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities). The accreditation process was not an easy task, but with the team effort approach by the Counseling and Administrative Departments, we successfully secured our accreditation status with only a few minor recommendations.

In 2012 when the Board of Directors approved the recommendation to move forward to seek an accreditation status, the overarching goal was to develop a process to sustain our operations and core programs. 2014 was the first full year for May Dugan to fully implement the many complex components of an accredited counseling program. One critical component was to build our client base and community partners. While this has been time consuming, it has positioned May Dugan as a unique and successful community Mental Health Agency.

The many “Wrap Around,” services that May Dugan has provided for several decades supports our accreditation status and enables our clients to receive multiple services. With the support from several community wide partners, the number of clients served has increased in every program area. The Food-Clothing and Fresh Produce Distribution Program had an increase of nearly 75% over the previous year. Our Education and Resource Center has exceeded our enrollment goals in the Basic Literacy, Work Force Training and Trauma Informed Classrooms. Building a strong partnership with St. Herman’s Focus, West Side Catholic Center and Cogswell Hall has had a tremendous impact on the growth and number of clients served in the near Westside and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Health and Wellness Program secured multiyear funding from the McGregor and George Gund Foundations to continue providing critical health screenings on our Food Distribution Day and to implement an outreach program to low income elderly residents in the Ohio City neighborhood. St. Vincent Charity Hospital and Exact Care continue to be dedicated partners and many other health providers are present to provide necessary health insurance and other information.

We are proud to be a provider and partner with the MomsFirst Program at the City of Cleveland Health Department. Cleveland was one of few cities across the country to receive a national grant to prevent infant mortality and provide services that ensure healthy pregnancies. The MomsFirst Program at May Dugan enrolled over 150 pregnant and parenting teens throughout the Cleveland Municipal School District and local Charter Schools.

The tremendous support from local foundations has enabled May Dugan to continue and enhance our programs and services. We are most grateful to the following foundations that provided multiyear support; Community West Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, McGregor Foundation, Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation, Abington Foundation, Sisters of Charity Foundation, Bank of America Foundation, Dollar General Foundation and the Giant Eagle Foundation. In addition to the many foundations that support our programs/operations, we are appreciative of the many individual donor contributions, churches, businesses, corporations and all of our wonderful volunteers.

For many years, May Dugan has been a partner with the City of Cleveland Department of Community Development, Department of Health and the (CEOGC) Council of Economic Opportunities of Greater Cleveland. Support from City Councilman Brian Cummins and Councilman Joe Cimperman enables us to provide our services to many of their constituents.

Rick A. Kemm, MNO
Executive Director




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