Consider a Gift to Support The Mission of the May Dugan Center!

Learn how a gift through your will or another gift plan can meet your financial needs and fulfill your charitable interests.

  • Outright Gifts: These are non-cash gifts – gifts of assets such as stock, real estate and tangible personal property. Stock represents the most common type of non-cash gift. Real estate is the second most common.
  • Expectancies: Donors can make a gift to the May Dugan Center at some point in the future and can be revoked by the donor prior to the donor’s death. Most common are bequests, retirement plan, IRA designations and Life Insurance designations.
  • Deferred Gifts: These involve irrevocable transfers of cash. Grantors give up the right to revise, amend or terminate the trust without the permission of the beneficiary. Most common are charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Most Irrevocable Trusts is when the donor transfers cash or property to a trustee and in return the donor or other individuals named by the donor as income beneficiaries receive income from the trust for life or a specified term of   years not to exceed twenty years.

We are sincerely grateful to our individual donors, foundations, government partners, volunteers, board members and the growing list of collaborating community partner agencies. With your support, we are able to fulfill our mission “to help people enrich and advance their lives and communities.”

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY! For more information about planned giving options to the May Dugan Center, please contact me directly at (216) 631-5800 ext. 102.


Rick A. Kemm, MNO
Executive Director

Our Goal is to Continue to Make a Positive Impact in our Community!

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2014 to 2016 Strategic Plan

Rick A. Kemm, MNO
216-631-5800 ext 102