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We are here to provide help and hope for those most vulnerable, the victims of trauma and violent crime. For more information about May Dugan Center's Trauma Recovery Center please call 216-631-3886, an intake specialist is available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Our goal is to provide better outcomes for crime victims. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that 68% of victims of serious violent crime (e.g. rape, sexual assault, and robbery) experience grave socio-emotional problems including moderate to severe distress, significant problems with work or school, and substantial problems with family and/or friends that presents in the form of arguments and an inability to trust, or not feeling as close after the victimization.

The trauma our clients have experienced affects many aspects of their lives, often disrupting their education, emotional development, sense of security, and increasing their risk of both mental health problems as well as detachment from the community. Many struggle finding and maintaining employment in a safe, healthy environment.  With counseling, case management, transportation, and advocate services, we are supporting more complete physical and emotional recovery and complete reintegration into our community.

TRC professionals will provide patients and their effected loved-ones with stabilization support, trauma counseling,  and assistance with any other immediate needs to secure their safety, such as emergency housing, transportation, and legal services. An advocate will also help victims apply for victim compensation and will, if needed, arrange for victims to receive more specialized assistance, such as substance abuse treatment, sexual assault or domestic violence services, legal advocacy, or other community supports.


The Trauma Recovery Center at May Dugan Center was established to support you after a traumatic event resulting from a criminal act against your person. We provide 16 weeks of crisis stabilization services. Services are free to victims and their families through the Victims of Crime Act and the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office. All aspects of the services are voluntary and without obligation.

Contact The Trauma Recovery Center
Main Intake Line 216-631-3886

Care Coordinator 216-631-5800 x140

Fax 216-631-4959

Program Director: Darrylyn Lockhart, LPCC


The main intake line rings in the office at May Dugan for 20 seconds and then rings the recovery specialist on duty. If it is an after-hours call, and you get the voicemail, please leave a message, including your phone number, and we will return the call by the next business day.


Every year, the Trauma Recovery Center ensures that victims of crime become survivors. Last year the program provided:

  • 36 On-scene crisis responses

  • 121 Clients relocated permanently

  • 2,600 Hours of trauma counseling

  • 131 Emergency housing placements

  • 6,240 Hours of advocacy and case management

  • 412 Survivors received services


The Trauma Recovery Center is supported by: 

  • Ohio Attorney General's Office-Victims of Crime Act 

  • State of Ohio Operating Fund 

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