Before finding her way to the May Dugan Center in 1990, Cheryl Hughes, 54, was homeless and spent 7 years living in parks, Women’s Shelters and Row Houses on Cleveland’s West Side. For 3 years, Cheryl benefited greatly from the Center’s Case Management and Counseling Program. Her 1st Case Manager, Carol Romano, helped Cheryl secure food, clothing, and counseling that helped her regain control of her life. She found stable housing through another local nonprofit agency.

After years of permanence, Ms. Hughes became extremely sick from black mold in her apartment and tragically endured the death of her son. With her illness and severe emotional stress, Cheryl’s life quickly spiraled out of control, as she once again found herself homeless and all alone.

She returned to the May Dugan Center in February of 2012 and, since then has been an active participant in several of our programs and service including our monthly food and clothing program, mental health counseling, and furniture distribution. MDC Case Managers were able to find her affordable housing in the near west side and she has maintained her apartment since last July. Cheryl enthusiastically praises our staff and has referred to May Dugan as her “Guardian Angel.”